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We bring in internationals because we need experts

Who is Bankdata?

Bankdata provides IT solutions for the financial sector. The company was founded in 1966, has 750 employees and delivers everything in IT to 11 Danish banks, among them the third and fourth biggest banks in Denmark.

Bankdata provides all IT products for the banks, from mobile banking to ATMs to the heavier IT-systems that keep the bank running, down to the Microsoft Office suite.

We met up with vice president at Bankdata, Jesper Glogauer, for a talk on international employees and the Triangle Region.

Jesper Glogauer, vice president at Bankdata
Jesper Glogauer, Vice President at Bankdata


Why do we employ internationals? 

-Right now, we have several internationals working for Bankdata and among them 22 French consultants. The French consultants are here because of a specific, large implementation project within the capital markets, to which we needed very specific knowledge, which is not available in Denmark. This is generally why we employ internationals - because we need their expertise in a certain field.

- Our international employees have very different needs and perspectives of their time here. As of right now, they are here on a temporary basis to help us through this project. Some of them will be here only for a year and others will be here for several years. Some see their job here as a potential for staying longer in Denmark, some have even considered permanent residence and the potential of jobs for their partners.

-We are a Danish company that communicates in Danish, but we see great value in bringing in outside experts. The world around us is increasingly becoming international, and the banks that use our services do a great deal of their trading and communication in English. All of our employees are capable of communicating in English, a fact that makes bringing in internationals that much easier.

Bankdata employees

Working with the municipality and the Triangle Region 

Many of Bankdata's employees live in Fredericia, some in Middelfart and the rest of the country as well.

- The same goes for our international employees, and to me it is not important where my employees live. That is one of the reasons we like the initiatives in the Triangle Region. It focuses more on the broader picture of helping us with our expats and their welfare.

- I know that the municipalities of the Triangle Region work together on the expat area, making sure that they settle in, get the needed assistance, events and more. We really appreciate these initiatives and try to inform our expats about them. We also host our own internal events, for expats and everyone else, because we want them to feel included and everyone to get to know each other. We believe it is important to be familiar and get a good chemistry. We believe in a great atmosphere both at and outside work.