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Community kept Antony in Fredericia

Antony was touring the world with his band when they decided to play one last concert - in Fredericia. Here he met a girl, moved in with her and got married. They lived in Sweden for two years, before moving back to where it all started, Fredericia.

-I am a musician and we were in a period of playing many concerts around Europe, or mostly around Europe, but also all around the world, Japan, Brazil, all over. It was July of 2007, at the end of a long run of playing concerts when a friend recommended that we play this concert in Denmark. We were quite tired of travelling and were discussing whether to go or not, it had been an eighteen month long tour. In the end we decided to go, the fee was ok and we had never played in Denmark! We came and did the show here in Fredericia, at Ungdomshuset - a small festival called Formanova and it was great. At the concert, I met this young woman called Gitte … and three months later, I was living in Copenhagen with her!

-We got married a little later and then moved to Sweden for a couple of years. We moved there because Gitte wanted to learn how to blow glass, I ended up learning it as well just for something to do - it was quite an experience! It was at the Swedish National Glass School in Orrefors – right in the middle of the Swedish forest! It was really beautiful, but it drives you bonkers up there. There was nothing but miles and miles of trees and lakes, so, we decided to move back to Denmark. We wanted to move to Copenhagen, but it was just too expensive and we thought spending the money to set up a glass studio would be wiser. We settled on Fredericia because it was a lot more affordable, there were plenty of apartments and Gitte’s family lived here. It was actually the perfect match and a great place to start a family.

Staying in Fredericia

-Unfortunately we ended up separating in 2015, and I was thinking that it would be great to move back to Copenhagen or to Aarhus to have more access to music, collaboration and people. I do music mastering work and almost the entire Danish Electronic music scene is in Copenhagen. But it is very difficult to just uproot, especially because Gitte was studying in Esbjerg and we wanted our son Elliott to have stability - there was a lot of inertia to keep us here. But then, since becoming more involved with the expat community here and getting more involved in Fredericia generally, it has become much more attractive to stay here. There is a lot more going on now than there was a couple of years ago. And in the end, Copenhagen is just a couple of hours away, and Aarhus is an hour by car or a train ride - we have pretty easy access to all that stuff from here.

Antony in his studio

-When these thoughts about moving started, I was quite keen to get out of town and do something, make a change. But you know what, I run down the Østerstrand beach every morning, and every day I would be thinking “I am really going to miss this when I move!” I think it is actually half the reason that I wanted to stay, because it is so beautiful. I was out this morning; I will be out tomorrow morning and the morning after. It can be grey and raining, it can be minus two with a wind chill of minus twenty, and it can be blazing hot sun. It is just beautiful at all the times of the year - and in the morning you get the low sun reflected in the water. There is nothing like it. That was a huge factor actually, aside from the family stuff and practical stuff. I would really find it hard to leave just because of the nature and this really nice 10k run, on top of the ramparts, all the way round and along the beach. Every stride of that is beautiful. Running in a big city is awful, with the stoplights, you see all these people jogging on the spot at crossings. Here it is just perfect for running. I usually run down by the sea, but you also have really lovely countryside and woodland. You are never far from nature here.